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One of the biggest obstacles to people signing up for Career Navigator is the 5 day commitment.  We want and need your help.

Please tell us why you enjoyed the five days and/or the value of this program lasting five days!

Please provide your answer in a comment below!


About Career Sherpa

Guide for lifetime career navigation. Speaker and author providing no-nonsense advice necessary to navigate today's treacherous job search terrain. Hannah shares information about the latest trends, such as reputation management, social networking strategies, and other effective search techniques on her blog, Career Sherpa.
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15 Responses to In Your Words…

  1. Career Navigator was a true game changer for my job search. I went in with low expectations and walked away completely impressed. The program teaches you the fundamentals to finding a job in today’s tough economy and provides you with a support group to continue meeting with as you move forward in your job search. Not only was it instrumental in helping me to embrace networking, but it also helped me learn that I was not alone and to focus on my strengths (which is an important skill when your job search is taking longer than you anticipated). I cannot speak highly enough of the Career Navigator program and what it can do for job seekers. Each day had a clear structure/purpose, differentiated activities so it didn’t feel like you were in a lecture hall from 9 to 5, and it completely revitalized my job search efforts. If you follow the suggestions offered throughout the week you will find a job. Sign up today — at the end of the week I didn’t want to leave (and I wasn’t the only one)!

  2. The five-day Career Navigator, for me, was exactly the right length. I found other programs too focused on self-study, without 1:1 or group interactions. Career Navigator had the pacing, structure, and in-class exercises that enabled me to learn by doing. I wouldn’t call it a ‘boot camp,’ but the discipline of a five-day commitment compelled me to put in the work-time.

    Also, I learned over several days how to overcome mistakes I’d been making in my job search and interviewing. Had I been told “You’re making many mistakes” in a one-day session, I’d have likely been defensive and unreceptive. This format worked for me. It’s well worth the investment of time — plus the interaction with people not from the insular corporate culture I’d come from was enriching, too.

  3. Barry Waldman says:

    Once you hit that point in your job search when you feel like you don’t know what else to do, that’s the time when you need Career Navigator. In 5 days, you learn how to change what you’ve been doing up until now and discover the right track towards getting back to work.

    In only 5 days, Career Navigator will expand the way you think and change your life!

    Tell me a better way to spend a week?

  4. Steve Waltman says:

    I took the Career Navigator course after not having to look for a job in 25 years. I now recommend it to people I meet who are debating about taking it. I describe it to them as “Boot camp for job seekers.”
    I learned a lot in the week when I attended last August, including things I’d never heard or thought of before. You’ll also meet people you would have never known otherwise and become great friends with them by the end of the session. Chances are you’ll continue to stay in touch if you choose to continue with your search team, or.even just meet up socially. Most of the people in the class I took did choose to continue meeting, and come in and out of the group as they land, temp jobs end or other circumstances occur.
    CN is definitely worth your while!

  5. Paula Burgin says:

    It all “hits home” after day 3. You will be challenged and think by day 3 you have heard it all. Don’t give up, the five days are essential and I would hate to see the program change. The employers that will interview and eventually hire us will have invested time and money into making sure they have the best. So, why not invest in yourself to make sure you are the perfect person for them.

  6. Neil Palmer says:

    There is no better use of 5 days of your career. You will be amazed at how little you know about today’s job search process. You may know some of the pieces but this intense workshop/bootcamp ties it all together for you to have the complete picture of how to succeed in the job market.

  7. Tom Smith says:

    Is 5 days a big commitment? Sure it is, but we’re talking about getting our careers back on course!
    The concepts and skills presented in this program push us outside our comfort zones and require practice, repetition, feedback and then more practice, repetition, feedback.
    You’ll be amazed how quickly the 5 days go and how mentally exercised you are at the end of each day.
    Facilitator Dan Howard did a great job!
    I highly recommend the program!

  8. Kathleen Parrott says:

    The Career Navigator was the best five days I’ve experienced, and I would compare it to the nicest vacation I’ve ever taken. Pat guided us so kindly/intelligently, and I was experiencing this with strangers that turned into family. The organization in the career search, along with a better knowledge and understanding was truly amazing. On the last day, I found myself wishing that it wasn’t over!

    • Agreed. There isn’t anything more important to the job seeker than knowing/learning how to search effectively, make the best impression, know what to do and say when, etc. And believe me, if you last looked for a job over 5 years ago, the GAME HAS CHANGED. Why not get a leg up on the competition, or at least level the playing field. It’s worth every minute.

  9. Michele Kaider-Korol says:

    Career Navigator was easily the best block of time I have invested in my professional self. I have heard some people say “5 days is too long” or “they aren’t going to tell me anything I don’t already know”. If you have not attended this dynamic class, you need to set aside your presumptions and assumptions about what is going to be presented, because you can’t possibly imagine how invaluable this program is until you go through it.

    As with anything else worthwhile in life, you get out what you put in to the program. The tools are given to you, and it is up to you to use them. You will need to go outside of your comfort zone, but it is only there that you will find success. However, with this program, taught by amazingly talented folks, you will have a strong support network that will only get stronger. Just Do It!

  10. Rhonda says:

    This classroom workshop was essential for job search, career building, marketing, resume writing, and more! The facilitator, Pat, was knowledgeable with a zeal for teaching the subjects. Thanks to Pat, our class received an added bonus of esteem boosting, too! I highly recommend the class and Pat!

  11. Jennifer Zingalie says:

    It’s important to have a focus and clear understanding of the job search and market and also where you as an individual are headed, regardless of where you are in the job hunt. CN helps bring to focus what direction you need to be headed and builds a momentum and confidence on your journey. CN offers more than just career advice or resume’ writing tips, it connects with you on a personal level and challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone and into the place you want to be. It also builds a group of people who become friends who become a team who can not only be accessed for career help but also a simple cup of tea! This is a wonderful class and you are wise to take it. I was a stay at home mom for 4 years, shifting back into the workforce–I went into the class thinking I’d probably gain a little and came out with a treasure trove full and wanted to share and pass it on to whomever I could. I am currently a Public Affairs Specialist with the Department of Defense and I have to say on any interview I went on after the CN I felt confident and new I nailed it! I am in a position I love and I owe it in part to the wonderful people of CN, my network group and My Heavenly Father and supportive Family! I am so thankful everyday for the opportunity!

  12. Robert Dressler says:

    Career Navigator is an excellent workshop, whether you are starting your job search, still trying to get organized, or have been at it for a while and would like to add some new tools to your tool box. The integrated approach is a great way to learn and practice, especially in regards to interviewing and networking. After the workshop has been completed, there is an additional opportunity to meet weekly with your career navigator team to keep the job search momentum going. Many of the members in my class landed jobs shortly after the completion of the course and during the job network time period. Career Navigator should be a must for all job seekers.

  13. If you have not looked for a job in the last couple of years, you really, really need to take this workshop to learn what it takes to find a new position in this economy. I can hardly begin to tell you what all is covered, and what all you will learn. You will know how to network, to polish you resume, to interview, to sell yourself, and more.

    I was in the same job for over 20 years. Even though I had interviewed for new positions when I earned my BS in 1999, things were simple then compared to now. Kindergarten simple. Besides, you will makes friends and have FUN!

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