CAREER Re Navigator (32)Career Navigator started in 2009.  Since then, it has been offered in over 6 career centers to over 2,400 job seekers. Here are just some of the hundreds of positive comments from job sekers:


In reality there are no silver bullets, but Career Navigator is the closet thing to having one for your job search. The Career Navigator seminar was just what I needed to get me back on track with my job search. Not only did the facilitators of the seminar provide the tools but also the purpose on why we need to network. The week long seminar allowed the participants to truly learn networking first hand, through role playing and self assessment. I highly recommend this seminar to all job seekers.

-Steve, Software Engineer

It was a very informative and energizing group. Well worth the time in finding out new and different ways to job search.  Look forward to seeing you in the search teams and following you as you land that perfect JOB.

-Cindy, General Accountant, Payroll Processor, Medical Biller

It was a very good course and I learned quite a bit from it. The course allowed me to take a fresh look at myself, and helped renew confidence in myself and my abilities, and how to better define myself to potential employers. It gave me optimism that I will find a job soon, and one that I will be very pleased with. Thanks to all of the instructors, and those who took the course with me.

-James, IT Consultant / Programmer Analyst

This was an excellent and comprehensive workshop. I only wish it had been available when I started my job search some months ago. It would have saved me much angst and wheel-spinning. Congratulations to RochesterWorks! for producing a winner!

-Tom, Operations, Supply Chain, Training professional

The launch of the Career Navigator was a success in my opinion. I needed a reboot for my job search and this was a tremendous aid in helping me focus and identify areas of weakness. I have renewed energy and thank the counselors and my fellow navigators for their support & counsel.

-Anne, Sales Operations/Inventory Management

I’d say the week was an absolute success, not just for myself, but for all the others who attended, and the facilitators, too! Before the 5 day course, my job search was off-course and severely lacking organization and motivation. Afterwards, it is back on-track, better organized, and I am re-energized because of the excellent instruction provided… as well as by the great interaction and participation from all the others in our class.

-Dave, Certified IT Process & Compliance Analyst and Internal Auditor

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One Response to Testimonials

  1. Richard Dillon says:

    By far the most challenging five days I have spent with such a motivated and positive group of professionals. Assessing oneself and receiving feedback from your peers and facilitators was very helpful.. You are really challenged to move ahead with networking in your job search.The book provided is a good reference source. Now the challenge of search begins with more refined tools and a renewed spirit.

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