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Deidre Dutcher

Deidre is a gifted and motivating speaker and a nationally recognized business trainer with a colorful and exciting career that includes everything from stand up comedy to morning talk show radio to business consulting. She started and built a chain of video stores that was listed in the Top 100 Video Chains in North America. Among her most rewarding work have been her years as a Certified Career Advisor, counseling hundreds of men and women as they deal with the trauma of corporate downsizing.

As a speaker and training consultant, Deidre specializes in interpersonal skills, and has developed new and exciting methods for improving business relationships in the workplace.  Whether she is delivering training on communications, leadership, dealing with conflict, or resume writing, Deidre has a heart for people that comes through loud and clear.  Her information is practical and useful and her manner is one that connects with her audience.

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Dan Howard

Dan Howard Dan’s background in a wide variety of industries and roles makes him uniquely qualified to address the needs of all levels of job seekers.

Dan’s passion is connecting with, and helping people through difficult times and situations. He spent several years running and facilitating a counseling program for individuals dealing with the wide-reaching effects of divorce, a traumatic life experience similar to job loss. He currently facilitates Career Navigator using his own brand of humor and high energy helping people affected by downsizings and giving them the skills needed to survive and thrive as they learn the tools of getting back into the workforce.
Dan is a national business seminar facilitator, workshop leader and motivational speaker. He is an avid reader, dedicated to sharing his knowledge, wit and perspective as he inspires others to grow in the face of change.  His fun approach to learning has made him a highly sought-after speaker.

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Hannah Morgan

Hannah’s background includes over 10 years of experience assisting professionals as they transition into new jobs. Her passion is assisting job seekers to proactively seek career opportunities and Hannah has delivered presentations and workshops to thousands of job seekers through her work with an outplacement service and workforce development agency. She is best known as the Career Sherpa, her Career Consulting business, where she is a Career Strategist, blogger, workshop leader, webinar host and Search Team facilitator. Hannah specializes in Reputation Management, Social Media Strategies, and her own version of Tough Love Job Search. She is one of the creators of the Career Navigator Program and she knows her stuff! Hannah was recently recognized by as one of Monster’s “11 to watch in 2011.”

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Pat Piles  or 585.953.1511

Pat, a highly effective motivational speaker and trainer, brings over 25 years of corporate and independent business experience in organization and business development, productivity improvement and marketing. He brings expertise in the areas of strategic planning, targeted innovation, high-impact team development and in the application of problem solving methodologies to the development of Career Navigator.  He is a Certified Career Advisor and business trainer with the latest tools, information and teaching methods for the adult dislocated worker.

Pat is also the author/creator of NALP (Navigation Around Life’s Predicaments). If you would like to learn more about that you can visit his site here.

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