Career Navigator Gets You Back To Work

Over 2,500 job seekers have experienced Career Navigator. What are you waiting for?


From a variety of backgrounds, the common bond was the frustration associated with job search. But after 5 days, the attendees were excited and enthusiastic about finding their next opportunity.

What is Career Navigator?

Career Navigator is a 5 day boot camp for job seekers. But it does more than teach people how to look for a job.

This program takes a holistic view of job search and provides strategies for a proactive job search, not just tactics. All 5 days incorporate participant centered learning. This means that it is highly interactive and a not “lectured learning.” Bringing job seekers together and getting them working in a team dynamic helps keep them engaged for the length of their search (more on that later). Emotional Intelligence is a critical component of the program which will help them survive their first 90 days in their new jobs as well. These are the topics covered over the five days:

  • Jump start your job search with this 5-day interactive, strategic approach to proactively managing your future.
  • Learn techniques that will get your message out to the people that make the hiring decisions.
  • Navigate the obstacles and challenges of the changing economy and learn the new rules of job search.
  • Master the ability to successfully transition into new directions of employment and control future employment paths.
  • Discover the increased power of working in teams, led by certified career professionals.

Who Would Benefit From Career Navigator?

Anyone who is ready, willing, and able to work and has computer skills makes a good candidate. Dislocated workers (people laid off due to downsizing) are prime candidates.


Everyone needs different job search skills today. The job market has changed. Every employee, working or not, should enhance their resiliency (flexibility regarding job choices and career options) from this point forward.

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