Partner Resources

We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your team to offer this program.

Who Would Benefit From Career Navigator?

Why:          Everyone needs different job search skills today. The job market has changed.  They also need to enhance their resiliency (flexibility regarding job choices and career options) during the recession and beyond.

Where:      Sessions will be conducted in a location you secure and should be referenced on your website.  Staff  should be notified of upcoming sessions.

Who:          Anyone who is ready, willing, and able to work and has computer skills make good candidates. Dislocated workers and long term unemployed are prime candidates.

Candidates for Career Navigator should fit one or more of these:

  • Those who have a track record of stable, long term employment
  • Those who have specialized training, an associates or other college degree
  • Those who have been a team leader, supervisor, manager, or higher

Sample Flyer

vertical flyerCareer Navigator verical flyer template

Career Navigator Full page flyer

Career Navigator Full page flyer template

FAQs for participants

FAQ about CareerNavigator template

Sample Press Release

We encourage you to draw attention to your organization by contacting the media. This is a sample press release used previously to help create awareness within the community.

press release example

GPS Team Materials

Career Navigators Time and Activity Tracking Sheet

This is an Excel spreadsheet that GPS team members should use to record their weekly time and activities. It auto-calculates and contains definitions of the different job search activities.
CN Tracking Sheet rev5

GPS Team Reporting Wall Chart

We have our own proprietary chart to record hours and job search activities on a weekly basis. It should be hung on the wall and data recorded for four weeks per chart.
Contact Hannah to get your GPS Team Reporting Wall Chart

GPS Meeting Guidelines

This poster contains the mission, commitments and agenda for the GPS team meetings. It should be posted on the wall for easy reference.
Contact Hannah to get your GPS Team Meeting Guidelines for wall


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