Career Navigator for Veterans

For Veterans and/or Spouses of Veterans

Job Search has changed!
You need the new tools for today’s job search!career navigator for veterans

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With over 2,600 graduates in 3 years and a success rate of over 45% finding jobs in under 90 days, Career Navigator will give you the expertise and support you need to uncover the hidden job market!

  • DAY 1: Identify your strengths, transferable skills, and develop your personal brand.
  • DAY 2: Master new search strategies. Build your accomplishment stories.
  • DAY 3: Develop your Target Lists and Marketing Plan.
  • DAY 4: Practice Communication, Interviewing and Networking.
  • DAY 5: Set goals, accountability measures & learn Career Management life-skills.

This is a strategic approach to proactively managing your career now and in the future.

  • Learn how to redefine your skills to fit existing and emerging industries and occupations.
  • Learn to incorporate successful marketing techniques that will get your message out to the people that make the hiring decisions.
  • Navigate the obstacles and challenges of the changing economy and learn the new rules of job search.
  • Master the ability to successfully transition into new directions of employment and control future employment paths.

Veteran Career Navigator June 3 2013

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