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The Recruiting Inferno

There are an inordinate number of fluff pieces “teaching” those in transition out of the military (or already out) how to use LinkedIn for job search. This won’t be one of them.

While it would be great if all military personnel had a LinkedIn profile from the time they entered service (not sure if the respective branches would like this idea), at the very least each of you should consider creating one the moment you put in your EAS papers. It doesn’t have to include the grandiose, tell-all content the “career experts” instruct you to have (I’d include a link or two but there are so many and as far as I can tell they all say the same things) but should include some key “identifiers” of your time in such as:

  1. The recruiting station that put you in the service (if you can remember that);
  2. Your first “Camp” –…

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Here’s what our graduates are saying about the 5-day CN Program

We know five days is a big commitment! We also know that our 5-day Career Navigator Program is having unprecedented success in giving people the tools, skills, confidence and motivation needed to land a job! Our 5-day method ensures that you leave truly capable of implementing the skills you’ve learned – and our numbers prove it!  Almost half of our most recent class in Niagara County landed in just 8 weeks! If you’ve taken the program, encourage someone you know to give themselves this advantage.
Here’s what 3 of our graduates had to say:
“Great program! Lessons learned here provide an important competitive edge as a job seeker.”

“I was discouraged with my job search progress when I started the week and very motivated when I left.”

“The facilitator delivered just the right mix of job-searching knowledge, personal experience and humor to keep content engaging and informative.”

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In Your Words…

One of the biggest obstacles to people signing up for Career Navigator is the 5 day commitment.  We want and need your help.

Please tell us why you enjoyed the five days and/or the value of this program lasting five days!

Please provide your answer in a comment below!

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Career Navigator Video

If you are wondering what Career Navigator is all about, you really have to see it to believe it.  Words on paper don’t due justice to the impact this program has had on people.

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